About Expoteam

Since 1998 Expoteam is a solid partner in building your exhibition stand.

Do you want to participate at an exhibition in Germany, France, UK, The Netherlands or somewhere in the world?

Every project we say again: YOUR EXPO, OUR TEAM.

Expoteam will prepare your exhibition stand carefully, will take care of the project management and is responsible for the construction to the smallest detail.
Your exhibition is the place for you to shine. Our team of experts will support you.


  • Distinctive
  • Quality
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Customer-oriented

Because of the extensive experience of our entire team we understand what you desire and we take the labour and hassle out of your hands, so you can fully concentrate on your own tasks.

Do you want to receive more information about Expoteam of make an appointment, please contact us.


Expoteam IFES member (International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services).

IFES represents more than 250 companies from around the globe. Each of these companies has signed the IFES Code of Conduct – a kind of constitution which rules the collaboration within the whole network. So, if an IFES partner serves the customer of another member, both, the customer and member know that they will be treated in a professional manner from a company upholding the highest of quality standards. This is a value-added member benefit that is hard to put a price on.